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RPG Group

^-^ hihis.. im new lol.. i love To RP, and i love Tokyo Mew Mew, sooo i figured i would join!

I also have my own Tokyo Mew Mew RPG group on yahoo, if anyone wants to join! The only characters taken are Mew Ichigo and Zakuro, You can be an alien, or ANY of the characters, and you can make up your own characters if you want to! Here is the link for the Group:

XD i dunno if this will work or not..

Click here to join TokyoMewMewRPG

Click to join TokyoMewMewRPG

Well, sorry if im, sorta, advertising or whatever you would wanna call it XD.. well, :) thankies
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hey im the most acive member i posed a rp bfore so yo can reply to i if you want to!!! you can talk to me any time my neopets name is morpeusonyone i have another livejornal name is retasu_mew i love to rp!!!!
:D Okies! ^-^ i have my own mew mew to... i guess i just gotta post her info so everyone knows who she is lol ^-^
I'm so sorry about not posing so soon T_T I've been on holiday. I'm looking forward to your first post sailorminikitty, and welcome to the RP musaroxmysox! Your character sounds so interesting!

And miss minikitty, I'd love to join your RP!

^____^ Thank you soooo much lol! I think all of the mew mews are taken now, but you can still RP your own mew mew ^-^ (and any of the other characters lol :) ) Thankies ^-^