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HI HI!^^

Hi, I'm new to this RPG community. I will be roleplaying my fan character, Gravy.

Name: Grayila Mokalumi
Mew Name: Mew Gravy
Red Data: White Tailed Deer
Main Color: Red
Human Form: Brown hair in ponytail, brown eyes, red "waitress outfit"
Mew Form: Blood Red hair, Brownish-red eyes, Red mew oufit, brown, small, pointed ears, antlers, brown and white tail
Age: 12 or so
Abilities: Excellent hearing, great speed
Weapon: Fire drum
Attack: Grayila Fireball
Mark: A Rudolph facing sideways (ankle)
Other: Has a strong friendship with Purin

Grayila Mokalumi is a spunky person. She is crazy, tough, and sometimes a show-off. She hangs out with Purin a lot because they both share the same hyperactivity. But she hates Zakuro because she's just "a huge jerk." She is very quick, therefore was given the DNA of a White Tailed Deer.


Just get rid of the red nose and you have Gravy!

Any comments? Helloooooo?
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